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Another New Mascara?!?!?!

Sunday, November 13 2016

Recently, Avon came out with yet, another new mascara. Now don't get me wrong. I think Avon's mascaras are so good that all other companies should simply quit making theirs. :-D Seriously though, there are already so many to choose from how could this mascara be any different? This 'new' mascara, that's not so new anymore, is called Wide Awake mascara. It's claim is that the mascara will 'curl' your eyelashes and you'll look... well... Wide Awake. I tried it with every intention to not like it. And though it hasn't replace my top two faves, Mega Effects and Big & Daring, it has crept it's way into my daily routine. First of all, Wide Awake Mascara really does curl your lashes. I don't know how it does it. I can't explain it. But when you put it on, your lashes stand up. It's like viagra for your lashes! Sorry, but I don't know how else to explain it. :) Another reason I love it, is it's natural look. Now, based on my two faves, you can tell I love big, thick, long va-va-va-voom lashes. But some days are just jeans and t-shirt kind of days. This is the perfect mascara for that. Finally, I'm a mascara layerer (say that 10 times real fast!) so I love using the Wide Awake as my base coat to lift and curl and then top it with one or two coats of Big & Daring or Mega Effects. Try it sometime. You're lashes will put those fiber girl's to shame!